If you put on your sunglasses and notice that your windows are suddenly covered in colorful tint, then you should not suspect that the sunglasses are of poor quality or that the windows are tinted. In fact, there is nothing wrong with anything around you. What you are experiencing is a simple physical problem: stress-induced birefringence.


What Is Birefringence

It is commonly found in auto glass that has been tempered to prevent shattering, a process that heats and cools the surface of the glass faster than its center, causing the glass to expand and contract unevenly. The birefringent portion is the resultant property of refracting light at different angles. The more pressure the transparent material is subjected to during the manufacturing process, the more likely it is to produce an iridescent effect when you view it with polarized sunglasses.


Why Do I See Rainbows Through Polarized Lenses?


Polarized lenses reduce glare by using a chemical film applied to or embedded in the lens. The chemical filter on polarized sunglasses removes glare and lets in vertical light waves by absorbing incident horizontal light. This filter allows the eye to see the refraction and reflection of light, just like a rainbow. Without polarized glasses, on the other hand, all light waves at all angles will be absorbed by your eyes.If you still have doubts about polarized and non-polarized lenses, then you can click it to learn more.


How Do Polarized Sunglasses Work?


The science behind polarized sunglasses is both complex and impressive. Light waves will scatter in any direction, but when light is reflected off a flat or polished surface, the waves will concentrate in a horizontal direction, producing a harsh glare or flash. To solve this problem, polarizing lenses set up a vertical barricade against incoming horizontal glare.


We can almost think of a polarizing lens as erecting a tiny fence between the eye and the light source —— so it acts as a vertical filter against horizontal light. Essentially, vertical waves of light pass through the slats of the fence and the horizontal waves are deflected. When the horizontal light is deflected, glare is reduced.


Who Needs Polarized Lenses?

Polarized lenses are a good choice for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and for drivers. Polarized lenses not only reduce bright reflections and unwanted glare, they also help improve visual clarity in bright environments. So where can I buy quality polarized lenses? MRY always provides you with the best lenses on and services. MRY Lenses are manufactured with highest level polarizing films, precisely deliver superior clarity and eliminates glare from shiny surface reflections. 

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