With endless passion in mind, MRY Lenses come into being, which is more a reliable friend will meet almost all needs in our daily life than a commodity for sale.
Be an angel but not a devil to your friends, please.


  • Fresh water is the best cleaning friend for all MRY lenses to keep safety and comfort.
  • Rinsing your lenses with fresh water will prolong the life of Mry lenses if they contact with sweat, saltwater or other alcohol cleaners.
  • Frame case can protect your sunglasses well when not in use.
  • Storage at room temperature is conducive to longer service time of MRY Lenses.


  • Clean with paper products such as paper towels may leave micro scratches.
  • Touch alcohol-based cleaners, saltwater, and chlorine as these substances can damage MRY Lens coatings
  • Leave your lenses with keys, loose change in your pocket or bag can scratch your lenses or frames.
  • Put your sunglasses on your car dashboard or other extremely hot temperatures place can warp your frames and pull apart the layers in your lenses.