Some people may choose lens colors for aesthetic reasons, but different lens colors actually serve various purposes. In some environments, your eyewear color can help you enhance depth perception and reduce eye strain. Choosing sunglass lens color is easy when you match the weather conditions and favorite activities with the features and benefits each lens color offers. If you're wondering What lens color is best for sunny days? Go ahead and explore which lens color is best for you.


The Best Lens Colors for Bright Days

  • Blue Lens

  • Green Lens

  • Brown Lens

  • Rose Lens


Blue Lens

Blue lenses provide stunning and enhanced color perception and can also have a calming effect on the eyes. They can help you see the contours around objects more clearly while providing protection from reflective surfaces, especially snow. Wearing blue lenses reduces glare on snowy days, when enjoying water sports or when enjoying sunny leisure activities. Also sunglasses with blue lenses work well in foggy weather.


Green Lens

Green lenses perform well in different light conditions, and the inherent contrast-enhancing properties of this lens color make them suitable for bright and medium light, respectively. It provides better contrast and transmits color accuracy very well. Green lenses reduce glare while brightening shadows. These lenses are perfect for water or field sports, biking or skiing, protecting and comforting your eyes on foggy, cloudy or bright, sunny days.


Brown Lens

Brown improves depth perception and is ideal for activities that require judging distance. You will benefit from brown lenses in sunny conditions, making your eyes more comfortable and enhancing contrast with green landscapes and blue skies. These lenses also help you spot and track baseball or golf balls and identify subtle changes in terrain. Consider acquiring brown lenses when you're on the green or sailing in the deep ocean. 


Rose Lens

While the rose lens doesn't block as much light transmission as other lenses, it does have the most powerful contrast enhancement, which makes this color sunglass an excellent choice for driving outdoors or on sunny days. It also helps reduce eye strain and improves depth perception and road visibility. So when you need to determine your footing, such as for running, hiking or rock climbing, Rose Lens is a good choice.


Find Your Perfect Pair At MRY

At MRY, we have a wide selection of lens colors that are perfect for brighter days.We offers lens colors that do more than just match your frame and kit. Each lens tint is your view of the world around you, providing clarity, contrast, and definition depending on conditions. Whether you are looking for the best lenses for water sports or the best lenses for cycling, you must consider the impact of the brightness of the weather on your lens color choice. We offer a range of sunglass lens colors from many top brands, including those listed above. Order your favorite color to upgrade your sunglasses today!
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