When Oakley launched the Sutro in 2019, they were leaning more towards urban cyclists, prioritizing style over performance slightly. Yet no product is truly perfect. In order to continue to meet customer demand, Oakley has launched three series of Oakley sunglasses Oakley Sutro, Sutro S and Sutro Lite. This post will detail the differences between these three sunglasses and help you choose the more suitable one.


Oakley Sutro

Oakley Sutro launched in 2019 with a bang! In recent years, cycling-specific sunglasses have gotten bigger and bigger, and Oakley Sutro is one of the largest designs yet. It offers great coverage and crystal clear clarity. Oakley Sutro's exclusive Prizm Road lenses can help cyclists see subtle changes in road texture and quickly spot hazards. Also acclaimed in this regard, MRY's lenses have exclusive tint-optimized tech for the best vision in specific environments.

As for the Sutro frames, they are designed for big heads and faces, but may be too big for some people's tastes.


  • Large, full-frame frame made of lightweight O Matter
  • Unobtainium nosepiece provides extra grip and comfort even when wet
  • Available in a variety of Prizm lenses, including Prizm Road


Sutro S

Introduced in the Fall of 2020, the Sutro S is the smaller sibling of the original Sutro with all the great features of the Sutro. The Sutro S differs in that it takes the original design and shrinks it a bit to cater to small to medium head sizes or those who want a low-profile look to offer options. The smaller frame does lose a bit of visibility, but not enough to make a real impact.


  • Smaller Sutro frame based on the original design for medium to large face shapes
  •  Unobtainium™ nosepiece for added grip
  • Thin temples fit with hats and helmets


Sutro Lite

Oakley's Sutro Lite is a semi-rimless version of the existing Sutro design. The wide, color-enhancing lenses cover a wide field of view and provide excellent protection from almost all angles. The most noticeable change is less visually obvious and comes in the form of some extra Unobtainium rubber on the inside of the ear rest. The lack of grips on the arms is one of the more common complaints against the Sutro Lite front body.


  • Half-frame design provides greater field of view and improved ventilation
  • Signature large protective lenses for maximum coverage
  • Unobtainium nose rest and temples for increased grip and comfort


Sutro vs Sutro S vs Sutro Lite



  • Fully shielded coverage for maximum protection.
  • PRIZM lens technology allows for increased contrast and brings everything in the environment to life
  • The saddle bridge is made entirely of Unobtainium to provide extra grip and increase frame retention.
  • Lightweight O Matter frame makes these sunglasses durable and comfortable


  • With no bottom frame to block your view, Sutro Lite gives you a wider field of view than Sutro.
  • Sutro Lite also features a Unobtainium grip on the inside of the temples for better frame retention.
  • Sutro S is best for small to medium heads, while the Sutro and Sutro Lite are for larger heads. 



The biggest difference between these three sunglasses lies in the frame size, and which one you choose depends on your face shape. Of course, there are some subtle differences that you will have to evaluate for yourself. In my opinion, if you already have one of these, consider getting one of the other models.
If you want to buy a new one because you scratched the lenses, I will advise you to stop what you are doing. In fact, scratches and breaks happen all the time, and MRY has a solution for you: replace your lenses, rejuvenate your sunglasses, extend their shelf life and reduce waste.
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