Sunglasses suffer from all kinds of scuffs and scratches from frequent use in daily life. Is there anything more depressing than having your beloved sunglasses scratched? So don't treat them casually anymore. Take good care of them! Sunglasses in good condition can effectively protect the fragile skin around your eyes and reduce the risk of eye diseases, while rough handling of them means a much-reduced service life. The maintenance of your shades can prolong their life and reduce your cost of use. 

Here are 5 tips for keeping them in mint condition during use you can read carefully: 

Handle With Care

  • Place and remove your eyeglasses with both hands instead of pulling them off holding only one stem and remember don’t wear your glasses on top of your head.
  • Always put them away in a glasses case or an electrostatic bag when you're not wearing them, not loose in your pocket, backpack or purse where the lenses can get scratched or chipped.
  • Do not place sunglasses where they may overheat, such as on the dashboard of a car. Overheating can damage your lenses or deform your nylon frame. 
  • Do not place your sunglasses face down on the surface as this can cause the lenses to scratch.



    Keep Sunglasses Clean

    • Wash your hands before using warm water, cleaning solution or mild dishwashing liquid to clean your lenses instead of bathroom cleaner. The chemicals such as sunscreens and cosmetics in your hand will damage the films of your sunglasses.
    • Always use a microfiber cloth to clean your lenses or a cleaning method recommended by your optometrist instead of using T-shirts, tissues, handkerchiefs, etc.
    • Make sure you can wash your nose pads and the tips of your temples (arms) thoroughly as that is where oil, hair care products and makeup tend to collect.



      Check Sunglasses State Frequently

      • Take them under a brighter light, and look at the lens tilted to see if there are any fine lines on it. The more the lines are worn, the more scratched it will be severe.
      • Check if the frame is found to be twisted, loose, or damaged, and the inclination of the lenses on both sides to be flat.




        Repair Abrasion And Damage

        • If your screws on the hinge are loose, repairing your sunglasses may be a good option. You can buy universal eyewear sock kits that fit in your sunglasses from some brand shops and repair them yourself.
        • Use a cotton ball in a circular motion to rub a non-abrasive toothpaste or baking soda mixture into the scratch on the lenses, then massage your lenses for about 10 seconds, rinse with cold water and dry with a lint-free cloth.
        • Use a cotton ball in a circular motion to fill the scratch on the lenses with something like furniture spray, car wax or silver polish until the scratch disappears.


          Regular Lenses Replace

          • Regular lenses change is a must regardless of the condition of your frames or lenses. Most opticians will recommend an eye exam every 2 years, which means your vision changes as you age. Old prescription may cause headaches, eye fatigue, a decrease in visual acuity and other symptoms. MryLens always offers a wide selection of colors and coatings to work for everyday activities you can trust, if you have any need,  click here to buy it. 
          • Scratches on the lenses can interfere with your vision and cause eye strain. But lenses replace just need a small cost. You can get a new pair of lenses for only a few dozen bucks, about one-twentieth the price of glasses and revive your old sunglasses. By the way, there are MRY coupons available on the wethrift website, so congratulations on your another big saving! 





            If your lenses are worn out, don't rush to buy a new pair of sunglasses! You can buy a new lens online, which can minimize waste and save a lot of money compared to buying brand new sunglasses. But you must ensure the high quality of your lenses as it is concerning your eye health.

            Should you have any service requirements to be provided, please let us know, we are at your service!

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