Different Sunglasses for Different Face Shapes

Sunglasses are used more and more frequently in people's daily life. Choosing your own sunglasses can not only achieve the best visual effect and eye protection effect, but also better bring out the temperament and demeanor of the wearer. But what kind of sunglasses are suitable for you? We know how important your face shape is when choosing glasses that complement your style. The matching between glasses and our face shape determines a person's beauty. We take Oakley sunglasses as an example and give different matching suggestions according to different face shapes. If you are interested, please read on!


  1. Round Face Shape

The round face is characterized by round cheeks, almost the equal height and width of the face, and a wide arched forehead. Their chin is round, the facial lines are relatively soft, and the cheekbones and jawline are not very prominent or clear.


Suggestions: Wearing square, polygonal and other angular glasses can well block both sides of the cheeks, so as to visually elongate the face and make the face smaller. The angular frame can increase the line of the face and make the face look more three-dimensional. The glasses with round in the square will help to create some definition and promote your facial features.

You should avoid choosing narrow and long spectacle frames with too straight lines, otherwise it will accentuate the disadvantage of round face. 

  1. Square Face Shape

The square face has sharp lines and strong jawline. This type of face is characterized by a broad forehead, a high and wide jaw area with no obvious side of the face.


Suggestions: Wearing glasses with round or oval frames will soften the contour of the face. The bright metal frame with thin lines and bright colors can strengthen the arc of the eyebrows and cover the cheekbones which can play a role in overall balance and eliminate this stiff feeling.

  1. Rectangle Face Shape

Rectangular faces typically feature a thin face, and the width of the face is less than two-thirds of the length of the face. Usually this face shape tends to have a deep forehead, long chin, prominent jawbone and rounded jawline.


Suggestions: Large frame glasses are definitely the first choice for rectangular faces. Wide sunglasses with larger curves have larger frames and wider lens coverage, which can cover more of the lower part of the face. Replacing rimless glasses with solid dark frames helps to decompose the length of the face and give the illusion of a wide face. 

  1. Oval Face Shape

Oval faces are considered the perfect face type. This type of face tend to have nicely balanced features, with smooth facial lines, uniform overall contour, and moderate width of the forehead.


Suggestions: As long as the size is appropriate, the oval face can perfectly match almost any frame, and most of the selection process is about personal preferences.

But pay attention to the ratio of the frame to the size of the face. If the distance between the eyebrows and eyes is far, the sunglasses should be thicker on the upper edge of the frame. Conversely, if the distance between the eyebrows and eyes is a little closer, it will be better to choose the thin frame or frameless style. Only in this way can you really perfect your glasses pairing.


  1. Triangular Face Shape

The forehead of the triangular face is relatively narrow, and the widest position is on the lower jaw which makes the face look shorter.


Suggestions: You can choose a style with details on the upper part of the glasses, such as the upper and lower gradient colors, which can divert attention and visually modify the face shape. Half-frame and flat-frame sunglasses are also more suitable which can weaken the impression of being too wide below.

But please try to avoid using large frames and square frames, which will make the upper and lower proportions of the face look more incongruous. 

  1. Heart Face Shape

If you have a broader forehead with relatively high cheekbones, and the face shape is slender with radian, your face is best described as heart shaped.


Suggestions: Be sure to choose sunglasses that cover your cheekbones. We recommend that you use square or rectangular glasses to complement your face shape, or choose oval or perfectly round shades to balance your facial features.

By the way, it is best not to try oversized frames with exaggerated designs, as they will greatly contrast the subtle features of your face.

  1. Diamond Face Shape

People with diamond-shaped faces tend to have more solid features, narrow jawline and forehead, pointed chin, but with high and wide cheekbones.


Suggestions: Most sunglasses frames will suit with this face shape. In order to enhance the health of the face, soften and plump the variable contours, and flatten the prominent cheeks and cheekbones, oval-shaped glasses can be worn, so that the whole face looks more gentle and soft.

But it's important to avoid overly wide rectangular frames. Because such sunglasses will only further accentuate the width of the cheekbones of the diamond-shaped face and expose the shortcomings more obviously. 


Hopefully reading this guide will help you figure out which sunglasses are best for your face shape. Good news for you, you can find all the premium Oakley replacement lenses you need in the official store of MryLens. If you are interested, please click the link below to continue browsing!

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