How to Clean Oakley Sunglasses

I know there are many people out there who might be confused when it comes to the proper way to clean your Oakley glasses.

What’s the best method, what will make my glasses last longer, and what is harmful to my glasses?

Do I need to clean my sunglasses?

Your sweat, face oils, hair products, colognes, perfumes, and whatever else is out there, is all getting on your sunglasses.

And just like you wash your clothes, you need to clean your glasses. Otherwise you risk long term damage to your Oakleys!

Cleaning sunglasses correctly helps optimize their performance, so you’re never blinded by smudges during work or during play.  Keep your sunglasses stylish, effective, and in good condition by following these dos and don’ts:

1.Use a Soft Microfiber Towel
An extremely soft towel is the best material for wiping glasses without scratching them. Don’t use common bathroom towels, which can leave lint and cause damage. Remember to wash microfiber towels without fabric softener– softener can break down the cloth’s material and ruin its soft texture.

2.Use Warm Running Water
Though you may think that water will rust your hinges, water is still the best way to give your shades a bath. Just remember to keep the faucet running gently so you don’t drop your sunglasses in the sink.

3.Use Soap
Regular dish soap is just the right level of gentle and powerful to get dirt and grease off your sunglasses without causing damage. Use a tiny drop of dish soap and wash sunglasses with your thumb and forefinger. Then rinse, and use your soft microfiber towel to pat the sunglasses dry.

4.Read Instructions for Spray Cleaners
Finally, sprays sold for glasses can be a great cleaning method, especially if you need to remove smears when you’re on the go. Just remember to use a soft cloth, and read the spray label– some sprays are not safe for reflective coatings.

Even though Oakleys are famous for their durability and strength, that doesn’t mean that the lenses are completely indestructible. Sunglasses lenses are notoriously prone to damage. But while some tiny scratches might be easy to remove, the only solution to broken or badly scratched lenses is to get a replacement.

In comparison, the tested lenses from MRY cost a little less than half the price of the Oakley originals but the clarity and distortion free vision is not just ‘half a good’, rather they come close to the Oakley lenses. And in comparison to the alternative of budget sunglasses, being able to keep the same comfortable frame and just swap the lenses is a big plus.

I hope this gives some people insight on how to properly clean your Oakley sunglasses. These techniques will allow your eyewear to look like-new for a long time and allow the glasses to last as long as possible. Protect your investment and clean your sunglasses properly.

  • Aug 21, 2021
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